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The 15 Best Alexa Skills For Seniors 

The 15 Best Alexa Skills For Seniors

What Are Alexa Skills? 

The Alexa (Echo Device) is a device that seniors will realize in time is something they cannot live without. How, you ask? Well, Alexa has all different skills that pertain to your interests and needs. An Alexa skill is like an app for Alexa. Just like our smartphones have apps that let you check the weather and play games, Alexa has “skills” that let you do the same and more. Once seniors familiarize themselves with Alexa and recognize the joy and peace of mind certain skills can offer, life without Alexa will no longer be an option.

Our Top 15 Alexa Skills for Seniors

Did you just set up your Alexa and want to download some skills but don’t know where to start? Here is a list of what we think are the best Alexa skills seniors won’t be able to live without!

1. Body Works: Senior Workout

Our bodies send us different messages each morning as we age. Monday may bring a new ache, while Tuesday may bring on an interesting pain you have never felt before. And Wednesday? ….need I say more? The more we stretch and take care of our bodies, the less pain we will feel as we age. Need some motivation? Alexa is by your side (literally) every day.  Alexa provides various workout plans for different muscle groups helping you get stronger, decreasing the risk of joint or muscle injury. With this skill, there are unique workouts for each day! The end result of tuning into Alexa’s workouts? Improved body strength as well as mental and physical health. It can’t get easier or better than that!

2. Jeopardy

Do you have fond memories of watching Alex Trebeck on Jeopardy in the evening? Do you remember how excited you felt when you got a few questions right and wished at that moment you could jump into your TV screen and play the game? Well, now you can! Alexa can play mini Jeopardy games with you at whatever time you like. Jeopardy is one of the best skills for seniors as it keeps the mind engaged and active. In addition, playing games with Alexa can improve cognitive functions and reduce depression if they are yearning to engage in a fun activity that will challenge them mentally. Just don’t forget that your answer must start with “what is…?”

3. Test My Trivia

Do you love the Alexa Jeopardy game but wish you could play for a longer time? Maybe you are on a roll and want more questions to answer. Well, Alexa delivers on this request. Test My Trivia is a trivia game that is loaded with over 500 questions that will test your knowledge. Questions are on topics such as history, science, math, sports, entertainment, and more. The fun just continues! The goal is to challenge the mind, and for our seniors, this is the best medicine for cognitive health. 

4. Holy Bible Trivia

Are you looking to test your knowledge of religion? Has the topic of religion always been close to your heart and still is today? Alexa can test you in seeing how smart you are on this topic. Alexa will present you with four questions, then give you four possible answers. After that, it’s up to you to choose the one you feel is correct. Holy Bible Trivia is great for seniors who want to test their knowledge of the Bible. As seniors are having fun, they continuously learn new things that they might not have known or were mistaken about before. These are all positive things for the mind and soul. 

5. Brain Workout

Do you not only want to exercise your body but also your mind? Well, Brain Workout is the game for you! Alexa will ask you six questions per game that has been specifically designed and tested to help improve your focus, concentration, memory, processing speed, math skills, and so much more! The greatest feature about this game is that the more you play, it will adjust based on your progress. As a result, your brain will exercise more. Seniors will be at their mental best, which will give them the greatest gift – confidence! Confidence is the key you need when trying something new. Seniors need only to do this three times a week to achieve such positive results. 

6. TED Talks

Are you a well-rounded person who loves to listen to discussions on just about any topic? Do you enjoy listening to various speakers and revel in taking into consideration a different perspective on things? Then you need the TED Talks skill. You can play the latest, a random TED talk, or one about your favorite topic or speaker. For example, if you know you are in a happy mood and want to hear about something hilarious, simply specify that you want to listen to a funny TED talk. Seniors can search by any mood that they are in whether they want something inspiring, courageous, or jaw-dropping. These discussions are available every day, and IT’S FREE! TED Talks are one of the best Alexa skills for seniors because seniors will be entertained while engaging with events occurring around the world. 

7. CBS Radio News Hourly News Cast

Are you not into listening in-depth about world events or politics, but know that it’s essential to be aware of what’s happening around us? Alexa can brief you in just minutes to “keep you up with the times.” By saying, “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing,”  seniors can get a five-minute news summary of the most significant events currently impacting the world. It’s a one-stop shop where seniors can absorb current news topics and feel on target and aware of current events. This will help seniors not to feel lost or have feelings that life is passing them by. They can get the information they need, and at the rate they want to receive it.  

8. Speak2 Family

Feeling engaged and connected with loved ones is what seniors truly want as they age. Unfortunately, distance, or simply living in a senior living community, represents a huge hiccup for many where they cannot always be around their loved ones. Seniors can feel isolated from life events occurring within their families. This can lead to higher levels of stress and depression, which can put an overall decline in their health. 

How do we help fix this? Speak2 Family allows seniors to reach out to loved ones by simply using their voice. Meanwhile, families can send seniors text and voice messages. They can even send videos of loved ones and special moments such as grandchildren, pets, goals or hits that were scored on a sports team, or a party that the senior couldn’t attend. This will ensure a smile on your loved one’s face when they hear that special voice or when they see familiar faces on their screen’s device. Seniors will feel part of the events even when they are physically not there. That is priceless. How do you start? Speak2 can guide you through the steps of opening up a Speak2 family account and linking it to Alexa.

9. Bingo!

What is one of the most popular games amongst seniors? Yes, you guessed it, BINGO!!! By simply saying, “Alexa start the bingo game,” the game is ready to begin. First, Alexa will call out the numbers. During the game, you can simply say “next” to hear the next number. Say “Bingo!” when there’s a winner. You can play as many rounds as you want. This Alexa skill is great for seniors because they can play in a group. This skill is also beneficial because they can practice their own concentration skills as they compete. May the best player win!


Having the urge to play a bingo game, but there is no one available to play with you? Maybe it is too late, or your friends are busy doing other things. BINGO MAN enables you to play one-on-one, and it’s as much fun as playing with a group. With this skill, it is best if you have a screen device like an Echo Show. This is because the screen on your device will help keep track of when you win! For instance, when the number gets called, and you have that particular one, it turns blue. The ultimate goal is to become the NEXT BINGO MAN! This is great for seniors as they can stay active, especially when other seniors are busy. There is always a game to be played with BINGO MAN!

11. Better Every Day

The goal and wishes of every senior are to stay active, be independent and live the best life possible. Knowledge is a critical factor that will help sustain these targets. This Alexa skill is terrific for seniors because it provides all the necessary ingredients for seniors who want to meet these expectations for themselves. How can this skill possibly do that? Well, it’s loaded with so much information on varying topics that it has become seniors’ “go-to” skill. It also helps you reset and recharge yourself, especially after days you may not have been feeling well or need more direction. Seniors will feel that this skill allows them to have a fresh start. It is here where you can listen to or watch topics related to aging, technology, physical activity, injury, travel, hobbies, and so much more. It’s similar to the show Good Morning America, except it focuses on issues solely related to seniors. Can it get any better than that? 

12. Radio Old Time

Shows that aired on the radio were entertainment when seniors were young and, to many, the only form. Episodes would play on the radio, and they became food for the soul while growing up. Now, seniors can revisit these radio shows and request a favorite that may come to mind. This can help soothe, calm, energize or relax seniors and can help bring them back to the joyful days of their youth. This can also serve as a time for seniors to gather together, listen to the show, and talk about the days of when they were young. This keeps the mind exercising as they can go back in time and reinforce the information they recall and talk with others that went through similar experiences. Its companionship and relatability, which this skill captures all in one for seniors.

13. Night Light

Everyone dislikes the dark, especially when they need to get up in the middle of the night. It’s not easy to navigate, and when we try to, we find ourselves walking into walls, stubbing a toe, or falling down!. Many would say, just get a night light. Although that sounds like a great idea, not everyone likes that constant light, especially when trying to rest. So, what does one do? Alexa can cast a cool, dim light when it’s needed! This is one of the best Alexa skills for seniors because it is essential to keep seniors safe. Especially since walking around in the dark while trying to get to a light switch could lead to a higher risk of possible injury.  

14. Movie Quotes Trivia Game

Are you a movie buff? If you are, this is the skill for you! You can test how much you know of Hollywood’s greatest movies by matching five famous movie quotes with the film they came from. This skill has over 255 quotes!!! It can provide hints if you get stuck and give you clues with music and sound effects that relate to that particular movie. This could be a great reason to have a party or gathering with other seniors. Engaging and communicating their thoughts on famous movies can lead to hours of great discussion amongst friends and, most of all, lots of fun.  

15. Geography Trivia

Love both trivia and geography? This will then be a match made in heaven. Seniors can play this together and even make the game into a contest between friends. It engages them mentally and competitively while having a few laughs. Seniors may even learn something new! Trivia is one of the best mental exercises that a senior can do for themselves. Go and play!

We hope you have fun with these skills! Which one is your favorite to play? Let us know in the comments, or share a skill you think others will enjoy

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