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5 Important Takeaways from the Amazon and Speak2 LeadingAge Florida Presentation

5 Important Takeaways from the Amazon and Speak2 LeadingAge Florida Presentation

Speak2 At Leading Age 

We recently had the opportunity to be a part of LeadingAge Florida’s 58th Annual Convention and Exposition! At the convention, we met Florida locals and senior living professionals to network and discuss the future of senior living. Specifically, what Amazon and Speak2 can do for residents and staff to improve quality of care and connectedness.In this blog, we would like to share our thoughts on the future of senior living expressed in the presentation by Matt Smith, CEO at Speak2, and John Coyne, Senior Solutions Architect at Alexa Smart Properties, at the convention. Here are the five takeaways from our presentation Voice First In Senior Living:


5 Takeaways From Amazon and Speak2 


1) COVID-19 sped up global tech adoption. 

The pandemic sped up global tech adoption in all aspects of life. Everything turned virtual, from work and school, to how we socialize, receive care, or make purchases. Check out these statistics from Mckinsey’s 2021 report:

  • E-commerce: It took eight weeks to reach the number of e-commerce deliveries that before the pandemic took ten years. 
  • Telemedicine: In 15 days, there were ten times as many virtual appointments compared to pre-pandemic numbers.
  • Remote Learning: In 2 weeks, 250 million students transitioned to online learning. 
Online Grocery Shopping


The pandemic also sped up tech adoption in senior living. Especially now, with a transition to going back to work in person, senior living communities are utilizing new technologies for a safer and more efficient work environment.


2) Multimodal devices help with tech adoption.

Studies show that devices that are multimodal help decrease the time it takes to learn new technology. Multimodal technologies refer to technology that combines different modes. Such as voice, text, audio, images, videos, and others. 



The easiest tech for senior living communities to adopt is multimodal devices like Echo Shows, Smart Appliances, and others. Specifically, the combination of voice and screens. We have seen that tech, especially through voice, empowers care and independence for older adults. Therefore, solutions that include voice and screens are best to use in senior living communities.


3) Amazon is taking extra precautions for privacy concerns.

Amazon has built-in multiple layers of privacy protection in their Alexa devices. With Alexa for Hospitality, properties can not access voice recordings of what a resident says. Furthermore, no personal information needs to be shared with Alexa to use the device. For instance, you can’t add a credit card or order anything (including Amazon Prime, Uber, and so on). The devices also delete requests and interactions at the end of each day. Amazon nor the vendor can see who interacts or what they ask Alexa. Amazon recognizes that customers value their privacy. That is why Amazon has designed these devices and made the necessary protections to meet the demands of senior living communities. 


4) To manage large amounts of Alexas, you need a vendor that works best for your community. 

Senior living communities need solutions that will meet the needs of their growing communities. That is why, in order to deploy and manage large amounts of Alexas, communities need a vendor that aligns with their goals – whether that is to improve communication, optimize staff, engage residents, etc. Here are vendors that can match your communities needs: 

  • Speak2: Speak2 is a software application that works through Alexa to provide a voice interface to senior living communities. Speak2 works as a senior living community tool that connects seniors to their community, friends, family, and caregivers. Residents can consume community information, make requests, and engage with content. This solution reduces senior isolation, increases resident engagement, and improves senior living management. In all, senior living communities across the US trust Speak2. Click here for more information
  • Aiva: Aiva is a software application that focuses primarily on hospitals and senior living communities. Aiva provides patients and medical professionals with hands-free communication systems to manage and improve care. Also, Aiva allows the patient to make requests using Alexa that are sent to the appropriate clinical staff. Similar features are used for senior living communities to call for assistance and manage care. Click here for more information


5) Amazon is just getting started in senior living.

Last but not least, Amazon is only at the beginning of what they can do to meet the needs of senior living communities through technology solutions. There is a lot of room for Amazon and its vendors to work with communities and improve on the tools and services we can offer. We’re looking forward to the future. 

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