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10 Things I Didn’t Know Alexa Could Do For Me

10 Things I Didn’t Know Alexa Could Do For Me

Meet a Mom Who Could Use a Little Help 

Being a mom of three children, I always secretly wished that I had a personal assistant. YES! Not one to help cook or clean, just one to jot down notes of thoughts that popped into my head throughout the day of things that needed to get done. Of course, these thoughts would always come to my mind when my hands were knuckle deep in meat making meatballs or filled with a breadcrumb mess while preparing chicken cutlets for my ever-growing family. In these untimely moments, I would not stop what I was doing because I just wanted to get the task at hand done, and grabbing a pen and paper just wasn’t an option. What did this result in? All of the things I thought about were never fully achieved. Such as, adding specific items to my shopping list, buying a gift card for one of my children’s friend’s upcoming birthdays, filling out a PTA form by the deadline, or figuring out the distance of my kids’ travel sports game in relation to where I live. 

Most of these items were either lost in space forever or left me scrambling the day I decided to make that new recipe, the reminder deadline email came out, or when it was close to game time. Feelings of acute panic and anger would then set in, wishing for that assistant who could make me a list of all the things I needed to address. 

Introducing My New Assistant Alexa

Thanks to today’s technological advances, our world is now filled with homes that have mini assistants called Echo Dots and Echo Shows, and all of the challenges I faced above are no longer issues that I have. Why do you ask? It’s simple: I have help from Alexa now! Having an Amazon Echo Dot or Show is like having an assistant, but it is virtual, and it can help me remember my thoughts just by making a request to Alexa. 

There are so many things Alexa can do to help me throughout my busy day. With Alexa, I can now set up lists of what I need to accomplish or reminders for all the items that circle in my head right when I think of them. It is truly like a personal assistant – but better!! It is a one-time cost (to buy the Alexa product), and it does not take long to learn how to use it. Now, it is simply me and the device getting it all done at any point in the day. THIS mom now has things covered, and she is better prepared for the days and weeks ahead since Alexa is now my automated calendar, reminder, to-do list collector, and just about anything else I might need help with. 

10 Great Things Alexa Can Do 

Now that I am a mom that can use a bit of help, here are some situations where Alexa came to my rescue. These are things I didn’t know Alexa could do for me that she can also do for you:

1. Shopping Lists

As I look at what I want to make for dinner for our never-ending busy school and sports weeks, I can create a shopping list and continuously add to it when I realize we are close to running out of our weekly essentials.

2. Substitution of Ingredients

Not realizing that you are out of certain ingredients because you were not the last person finishing them happens to every one of us. Now you find yourself in the middle of a recipe, and you don’t have heavy cream! What do you do? You can’t just stop and run to the store. You can make heavy cream from scratch, and Alexa will tell you exactly how to do that! This has been a true lifesaver for me. 

3. Set Reminders of Future Appointments and Items You Need to Bring

Some days when life is so busy, I worry that I will forget the things on my “paper list” when I get a chance to write one. Then, I find myself not accomplishing other things that day because I’m afraid I won’t realize the time if I dive into a home project. Having Alexa announce these reminders to you speaks volumes! Oh, and when you plan to run an errand or have a doctor’s appointment and part of that appointment is to bring an envelope or insurance card, doesn’t that envelope or card always seem to remain at home on your kitchen counter? Not anymore because with Alexa, you can be as detailed as you want when naming your reminders.  And, if you have the Echo Show, one of the things Alexa can do is list all of your reminders on the screen, which provides extra reassurance. 

4. Getting Fit

Like many other moms, I feel there are just not enough hours in a day. The gym? Well, yes. I like to stay fit and healthy, but that always seems to be last on my list after the food shopping, organizing the house, folding laundry, and cleaning up after pets. Before you know it, the school bus is in front of your house, and the children are home. Then, phase two of the day starts with snacks, homework, and dinner. Oh, and let’s not forget about the team practices and games!

Where is this mommy fitting in the gym? I find the time that seems to be available is when the kids are off to bed. It’s quiet where I can zero in on myself. However, the problem is there is no gym waiting for me at that hour. Well, this issue is solved because Alexa can help me stay fit and provide small workouts that I can do whenever I have time! If you have an Alexa, you can do them too. Perfect!

5. New Recipes To Try

Weekly dinners can get boring. Even as a person who loves to cook, sometimes I feel like we always eat the same chicken or pasta dish, and change is needed. The beauty of the Echo Show, in particular, is that it can show you pictures of foods and recipes to follow! Better yet, if you want to be a bit specific and ask Alexa to recommend a meal, that’s ok too! Alexa will search up the food of interest and will give you a few recipes to choose from! No cookbooks are needed, and there are videos to follow as well.  

6. Dropping In on a Loved One

When we feel the need or urge to speak to family, especially our parents, because we live a distance away, the Echo Show has been a true winner. Usually, we call and just hear their voice. Maybe we want to tell them a funny story about the kids and wish we could see their reaction. Well, the Echo Show can provide that and more. You no longer need to dial a number/press on a phone number, etc. With a few simple setup steps on the Echo Show, you can simply drop in on your parents. The screen opens up to them in the room where their Echo Show is, and you can start speaking as if you were in the same room as them. The true prize in all of this is their facial expression after telling them a funny joke, something achieved by the kids, etc. PRICELESS!!!

7. Today’s Parks Updates

During the height of COVID, parks and other outdoor areas were off-limits. Now that the world is starting to slowly open up, every day comes with a new change to government rules or an alter to regulations. Just recently, one afternoon happened to turn into a nice day. I thought the kids would enjoy an afternoon at the park with ice cream to follow. Maybe even some of their friends would want to meet up and join in on the fun.  My next thought was, can they go to the park, play on the playground and invite a few friends? All of those questions were easily answered by Alexa. Alexa gave updates on the parks in the state I live in, and based on the information we received, we were able to enjoy the afternoon with confidence that we were following the necessary protocols. 

8. Interesting Dog Facts

Being the dog lover I am, I love to learn about dogs, their likes, dislikes, lifespan, and sleep patterns. Alexa can provide you with all of this knowledge ranging from very generic facts to very specific facts. It all depends on what and how you ask. For instance, if you just state, “Alexa tell me fascinating Dog Facts,” Alexa will provide just that. This is available instantly on your Alexa device. 

9. Comfort My Dog

Another skill that is available on your Alexa device is the skill “Comfort My Dog.” I think this is such a great feature. Asking Alexa to “Comfort My Dog” causes Alexa to play relaxed instrumental music. It soothes dogs and helps them to relax. I’m not going to lie – this helped mommy relax too! 

10. Meow! Ruff, Ruff

Did you know that there is a virtual cat or dog that lives inside the Echo Show? Let me tell you about one of the funniest things Alexa can do! You can say “meow,” and Alexa will meow back at you. If you want to hear dogs bark, you just ask Alexa, “can you make sounds like a dog?” This can make for an interesting game with your furry pets filled with lots of smiles and laughter.  

More Things Alexa Can Do For You

In short, Alexa devices are great to help just about anyone who may be busy, curious, lonely, or in need of a good laugh. This personal assistant has been a dream come true for me, and I can now think of myself as a super mom who is on top of it all as long as Alexa is by my side!

Want to learn more about what Alexa can do for you and your family? Click here

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